Tips for Great Homework Habits

We’ve all been there. You are at your wit’s end trying to get your kids to just sit down and finish their homework. After a day of constant reminders, punishments and even pleading, it’s easy to feel like you’re the one who’s really got the most work to do. But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of our top homework tips to make this important parenting task as stress-free as possible.

1. Get in a Routine
One of the best ways to make homework stress-free is to get your kids into a routine so they always know when it’s time to start their homework. The key to setting a successful schedule is to make your kids part of the process and find a time that works for them. While some like to knock out their projects the second they get home, other kids might need a 30-minute break to chill out with a glass of SunnyD and some quiet time first. The important thing is to set a time you both agree on and then stick to it.
2. Set Up a Homework Space
Another helpful tool is to set up a designated space for homework. Whether it’s their favorite seat at the kitchen table or a desk in their bedroom, a dedicated space will help instill the concept that this is homework time. Make sure to stock this location with the tools they’ll need, whether that’s pencils, pens, glue or even crafts supplies. The less time they spend wandering the house for supplies, the less chance they’ll have to get distracted.
3. Little Rewards Lead to Big Results
Another great way to build strong study habits is a bit of positive reinforcement. By rewarding their efforts you can not only incentivize kids to complete tasks, but also get them to look forward to doing work. Whether it’s the chance to play their favorite videogame once they complete all their assignments, or even a mini-break to watch a YouTube video after finishing each task, these types of rewards can be a great motivator. Another great trick is to give your kids a glass of their favorite SunnyD flavor when they start their homework to get them excited to begin!
4. Be Accountable
As your child learns new habits, this is the perfect time for you to set up a homework schedule of your own. We’ve had great success setting up a series of check-ins with our kids to ensure they’re staying on track and not running into trouble. You’ll need to develop a system for your child’s unique needs, but it’s always good to have an initial check-in when your child begins working to understand their tasks for the day and any help they may need. After that, just check in at a set interval and you’ll be able to keep things running smoothly without the need to hover over them all day. For any parent, that’s a huge win!